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Judge Richard Turelli did things that worked for families.  He listened, communicated, and improvised in a way that was unusual for a judge.

Judge Turelli’s way of doing things was especially successful with family matters arising from divorce.  For 35 years, he presided in thousands of such cases as a Colorado District Court Judge and Senior District Judge. He saw that the typical legal process often left families more broken and estranged than ever.  He worked to change that by developing innovative methods of bringing parents together, with expert help, to invent workable, child-friendly solutions.

Judge Turelli retired in 2010, and co-founded the Turelli Foundation with Randy Mustain-Wood, Esq.  The Turelli Foundation is dedicated to continuing and expanding the mission of helping children involuntarily involved in divorce and post-decree legal actions.

Our Purpose and Method

Our purpose is to help children who are involved, involuntarily, in the divorce process.

Our method is to empower families to take charge of their divorce in a collaborative way that focuses on children:

1. We work with families outside of court as an extension of the self-help service.  Families create their own agreements.

2. Nothing discussed outside of court becomes part of the record.

3. A Turelli Team, with a legal expert and a relationship/mental health expert, helps the family craft an agreement that addresses both legal issues and people issues.

4. Most often, agreements are approved and finalized with a magistrate that same day.

Turelli Teams work with families in the ways they need. Approaches from Mediation, Early Neutral Assessment, and Family Counseling, may all be employed in a creative mixture to help families move forward. Using this simple but empowering method, Turelli teams help families make their own agreements in the majority of cases.

We believe:

Feedback from Families

One parent called the next day to thank us.  He had been in court several times, and wasn’t optomistic that anything could be resolved.  He said he was so happy with the outcome the day before that he forgot to express his gratitude.

Plans for the Future

The Turelli Foundation continues to develop methods to help children who are involved, involuntarily, in the divorce process.

In the future, the Turelli Foundation will train people and organizations interested in expanding this work to other areas and jurisdictions.

The Turelli Foundation welcomes the involvement of like-minded professionals and organizations.

More Comments about the Turelli Foundation

Empowering Families to Take Charge of their Divorce Process in a Collaborative Way that Focuses on Children